Bored, restless and not being enraged

NO the Sex Pistols are not part of the digital generation. The picture and the above youtube link to Vision of K-12 Students, are each a statement about an age, a time, a generation and an expression. I get to watch and observe quite a few classes, and see students in the context of their lesson, unit and/or course.

And still today, many of these kids, sit, listen, take notes, and passively (as best they can) take it in. But that is not what they want……why sit there at a desk, when around you is this whole world of interaction, social networking, collaboration, creation, opportunities to step in analyze, responded, and most importantly create.

I believe that the disconnect for some kids with the way information and learning is set up in the context of the classroom, motivates them to sign off.

Why? that would be a long story. I think for me, who was one of those kids not being able to sit through long endless monologues, and then in isolation have to deliver my memory of facts, the ability for passive intake is over for most of our students. They are surrounded with a world which begs for creativity, critical thinking, multitasking, and is actually saying send me people that can unlearn learn and relearn. These critical attributes are what I believe will give our kids the edge in a world where creativity and innovation have become a global commodity.

To be honest I think most teachers who still feel obliged to sit their students through endless monologues, with reams of vocabulary lists, quotes, definitions etc…are maybe involuntarily…. afraid, not sure or hesitant to open their teaching style to a collaborative interchange, where everyone creates some concrete learning hands on!

If you are surrounded by a world that begs to multi task, which becomes the norm for your own social interaction, is the measure by how you exist with your peers… one stays connected, informed and in tune… would you not expect this to be harnessed and integrated in the learning process for every child.

Somehow it isn’t in many schools. True there are so many variables, and constraints on facilitating a learning which enrages, engages and effects kids in a way which allows them to experience: analyze it, manipulate it and then use it in a kaleidescope of mediums, each time tweaking, and altering this knowledge to fit new variables.

I think sometimes where the real cutting edge learning is going on, is out of the classroom, at night in the afternoons, with Web 2.0 tools that our kids have embraced in a way that it is not an add on, but part of their fabric as humans eager to learn and grow.


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