disconnected……………or a divide?

Growing up Online!
…there a bit of fuss, stress and at times surprise…..that is fine and hopefully the fuss dynamic will reconnect us, with conversations ….parents and kids. It is not about the digital generation and us, it is about how we might have all (parent, and kids) not taken the time to sit and listen, watch, participate without throwing in an opinion, remark and perspective from our lense only. I hear, they are always online, not connecting. Kids on MSN, Facebook, and others……so instead of always trying to control and dictate their time span through your parameters… why not walk over to the kids hanging on the screen and ask, watch and listen. Okay there also is the whole dynamic of trust…but will not go there……. I am fortunate and have had a great coach that framed the issue, about spending time together. ~So I had a lovely evening with my son, he showed me his Facebook, I showed mine, we spent and hour together, poking around, me listening, hearing, and then sharing …..

So maybe if you cannot hang face to face, get online, get a Facebook, chat etc…. and go to them have them mentor you, and in the moments when you are both sitting next to each other let yourself listen, hear, nothing more, let them share their world, let them bring you in….from there it is still the same, it is about hanging out together, spending time…. in maybe a new paradigm but the basics are the same… human interaction.


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