Mont Royal Montréal  Photo John Mikton


In order to remain relevant in today’s predictable unpredictability, educators and school leaders must provide learners with authentic opportunities to understand and apply concepts across multiple disciplines, mediums, and contexts. Mentoring a disposition to be adaptable, critical thinkers, problem solvers with a solution focus. This curated by learning pathways which scaffold the capacity for learners to develop knowledge, skills and values framed around emotional and digital intelligence’s.

Educator and Leadership Profile

I am a passionate educator and school leader who is systems-literate. I am a future-based thinker with the ability to engage in complex contexts with a positive problem-solving approach. I am action-oriented and articulate a learner focused vision based on trust, respect, integrity and empathy. I engage as a member of the school community with a learner centered collaborative approach to guide, engage, and innovate to support authentic and life-long learning.

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