Are there any secrets left?

thought of safety, the concept of a zone where one has one’s own unique space, easy to kind of kick back, day dream, muse and ponder.

guess what the journal tucked in your cabinet, under your bed, the whispers you share that do not leave the room, suddenly have gone for a paradigm shift,
………….. online for you, me , them, us, they and over there to read, react, hear, listen, talk, and somehow before you now it they, he, she, them, us are there in that zone, unique space and corner of the world where secrets where for only the chosen few.

bla bla bla, I will never be a poet, or a writer. But today I was caught in a series of interviews, meetings, heavy, with heart and kept the day on its toes…. then I walk the corridors bump a couple shoulders and a hello realizing the kids around me and privacy somehow has transcended to a new level or has the craze of Web 2.0, internet and technology fooled them into a false sense of safety…. how much is naivety, how much is innocence, and how much maybe is just a new understanding, reality and change.

I like the above three links, thanks to Karenthelibrarian who shared them… nothing amazing, but hit a chord with me and got me thinking.


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