….can we do all

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…in the last week there has been an enormous amount of traffic regarding the effects related to multitasking and student learning. The issue and variables associated with this topic are huge, and pending who you read it seems to go from the world is about to end attitude to hey it is no problem and live with it. I think the reality is that with the new technologies and internet access we all have access to we are somewhere in the middle in our understanding of the impact of multitasking on our own lives. I believe our students are not learning better or worse but differently. This as a result of the 24/7 access each user has at their finger tips and in tandem the incredible power to be content creators. Naturally with so many choices come many decision to be made and this I think is where we as educators can support, facilitate and mentor many of our students in being mindful of the implications, impact and importance of taking a balanced approach to the idea of multitasking and interacting with so many different powerful tools. Here I share three of the articles which come with different perspective on the topic:

In tandem with this topic comes the bigger issue, the fact that there needs to be significant paradigm shift in education. For educators, parents and students to be able to engage with the rapidly changing world some significant changes are due. I think collectively we understand this but how do we move forward is the bigger challenge. No better person to share this topic than Sir Ken Robinson with the follow wonderful animation and potential conversation for us all.

One thought on “….can we do all

  1. Makes me wonder; when it is so logic, and the only right thing to do, why are we not able to restart? Or, is that the problem? That IF we want to change, it really means we have to start from scratch, redefining the understanding of education and lering for the 21st century, and reorganize and restructure for an unknown future?

    Or, can we adapt the way of understanding and thinking, and expand the way we educate, based on what we know (the basics) and start to moove towards the unknown together with our students? Educate the students to be able to educate themselves as well? To trust their own judgements and decisions? And if we dare do this, where do we start? And do we need a “green light” from school owners and parents, or do we “just do it” because it’s the only right thing (if you want to be loyal to your own mission as being a teacher)?

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