2008 bumping out!

In my role of an IT Director, and someone who often is an instigator, facilitator and generate of change in a school setting……a reflection is due after another year 🙂

~Change, something new, moving in a different direction, adding something, enhancing, streamlining, consolidating, creating, starting a new, embellishing, undoing, redoing, unlearning, and relearning. All cause a tension, a stress, generate questions, suspicion, curiosity, fear, disagreement, dispute, anxiety, animosity, and a feeling of loss of control at some level.
Whatever part of the process, the stage you are involved with the change, the implementation………it is a matter of balance, timing, patience, and persistence with a soft glove………….and bridging from one understanding to another…..balancing perceptions and lenses, and trying to find the middle ground.

The crazy thing, in the global perspective …….the feelings that school change brings about is a pin drop of change compared to the horrors, pain, suffering, and sheer inhumanity that unfortunately populates so many of our media stories. Yes an obvious observation, but if maybe next time when one of us is experiencing change, or perception of…..we stopped and switched our lens to the reality outside. In that moment we took the time to stop and just allow ourselves to breath, feel, and think. The fraction of time for us to do this providing us maybe with the missing balance and perspective we so often forget in the emotion of our bubble.

So as 2008 bumps out, looking for a moment of global calm and balance for all.


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