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I am a passionate school leader and a consummate professional who is systems-literate. I am a future-based thinker with the ability to engage in complex contexts with a positive problem-solving approach. I am action-oriented and articulate a learner focused vision based on trust, respect, integrity and empathy. I engage with the school community in a collaborative approach to guide, engage, and innovate in support of authentic and life-long learning. Below you will find details of the programs, projects and systems I have designed, implemented and managed.

Director of eLearning and Senior Leadership Team Member at ICS Inter-Community School Zurich
July 2014 – Present

As Director of E-learning my role is to provide visionary leadership for the comprehensive integration of digital citizenship, literacy, ecosystems and environments to support and engage the ICS learning community in alignment with the school’s mission and strategic plan. I am a member of the Senior Leadership team and work closely with the Head of School, Principals, CFO and Director of Education with strategic planning and project implementation both with Education/Curriculum and Operations. I manage a team of IT support technicians in close collaboration with our IT Manager and supervise the Library Team and our Digital Coach to facilitate, support and mentor our learning community to engage with authentic professional digital tools and environments to create, produce, collaborate, communicate, evaluate and think critically in our ever changing world as responsible digital citizens.

Designed, implemented and managed school-wide.

  • Designed, and implemented a Mobile Technology program Grade 6-12 (Chromebook program, BYOD )
  • In collaboration with Primary Digital Coach enhanced the 1 t o1 iPad program and developed new technical and pedagogic workflows to enhance the opportunities for authentic learning in Grade 1 and 2.
  • Implementation Google Apps for Education into day to day learning and workflows.
  • Implementation of Managebac, and Open Apply
 in collaboration with Database Manager and Coordinators ( PYP, MYP and DP)
  • Implemented in close collaboration with Primary Digital Coach EY-G2-wide adoption of Edublog’s and Easy Blog Junior
  • Implemented in close collaboration with Primary Digital Coach Pilot group of teachers to work with Google Sites as class blog and digital portfolios
  • Implemented and facilitate Digital Life Parent Education courses
  • Implemented a K-12 Digital Citizenship Program based on Common Sense Media scope and sequence and ISTE NETS technology standards
  • Developed a scope and sequence with the PYP and MYP for information technology based on the ISTE NETS standards
  • Designed, implemented and facilitated the Google Apps for Education European Summit with Appsevents at ICS and the Knowlegeworks
  • Designed and implemented Digital X design program with focus on Digital Life, ethics and workflows
  • In collaboration with Digital X team piloted digital portfolios
  • Designed in collaboration with Library Team a Makerspace in Secondary library.
  •  Implemented Next Generation G9 Design program on entrepreneurship in collabroation with Design Team.
  • In close collaboration with the IT manager implemented printing service and IT support workflows and projects for efficiency.
  • Chair of the CIS and NEASC Accreditation Committee A


Director of Information Technology and Senior Leadership Team Member at International School of Prague
2005 – July 2014

As the Director of Information Technology I had a school wide senior leadership/administrator position, providing leadership and management of the academic, administrative, and information technology/library infrastructure and services in the school. This involved leading, organizing, implementing, supervising, budgeting, strategic planning and directing the programs, services and personnel related to information technology /library services school-wide. I worked collaboratively with the School Director, Leadership Team members, section Principals, Director of Teaching and Learning and school community. I developed a vision where information technology and library media services enhanced the learning process for all stakeholders and improved operational efficiency. I ensured that all programs, systems, initiatives and resources where aligned with the schools strategic goals and reflected the school’s mission.

Designed, implemented and managed school-wide.

  • Mobile Technology program Grade 6-12 (Laptops 1 to 1) Grades 3-5 (2-1)
  • Mobile Technology program Grade Prek-2 Designed and implemented iPads program
  • School wide Open wireless infrastructure
  • Implemented Moodle (LMS)
  • Migration and Implementation Google Apps Education environment
  • Strategic move to reduce amount of physical servers on campus and adopt cloud based technologies greater user responsibility for their own backing up.
  • Implementation of FileMaker Pro and Powerschool Student Information System
Supported the transition from Joomla based web site to Final Site
Implemented school-wide adoption of Edublog’s
Implemented Apple and Google Certified Pro Training programs and status of Apple Training center to support school wide professional development program
  • Designed, implemented and facilitated the Google Apps for Education European Summit with Appsevents
Implemented an Apple Certified Self-Servicing program for our technicians and IT Department
  • Implemented and facilitate Digital Life Parent Education courses
Implemented a K-12 Digital Citizenship Program
Implemented adoption of the National Education Technology Standards
  • School Facilitator for Research and Development

Principal Training Center Course Facilitator
Miami and London Training Centers 2010 – Present

Co-Designed and created the Technology Leadership Course.

The course focus 
on Technology Leadership in an International School setting. Through the course participants explore
 what components of digital ecosystems and environments are critical to maximize leadership, learning, improve teacher effectiveness, and reinvent school-wide systems. We work with the practical aspects of technology and curriculum, professional learning communities, classroom practice, ‘change’ and even teacher supervision and evaluation. This is done through practical online and offline activities, multimedia projects, and current case study exemplars of information technology systems, infrastructure, pedagogy and tools.

Teacher Training Center Course Facilitator at Teacher Training Center (PTC)
June 2012 – June 2014

The course is designed to support classrooms developing hybrid instructional programs, by combining online platforms and multimedia tools.

Course Title: The Blended and Online Teacher
 Designing, managing, facilitating and assessing an effective blended and/or online course in an International School setting.

Course Description
: Participants will explore through simulations, online forums, hands on activities, group projects, and multimedia tools how to design, manage, facilitate and assess an effective blended and/or online course. We will explore and collaborate to understand the key components to design, manage and facilitate a blended and/or online course to enhance student learning. The focus will be on an international school setting taking into account the variables of infrastructure available in different areas of the globe.

Participants will design, facilitate and maintain a blended and/or online portfolio (through a blog) to demonstrate their learning of the essential components of an effective blended and/or online course to support best practice for student learning. In tandem they will also use a current blended and/or online course they are facilitating or develop a blended and/or online course specific to their curricular area to support the participants learning and reflections.

Digital Life Workshops at Beyond Digital Workshops
August 2006 – Present

I am the creator and facilitator of this Digital Citizenship Portal for the school parent communities of the schools I work in. I run a series of evening and day workshops (Digital Life) and information sessions to support parent’s understanding of Digital Citizenship both at home and school. This portal acts a resource for the International School of Prague parent community.

Blogger at Beyond Digital
August 2004 – Present

Run a regular blog about Digital Life and the Impact of Information Technology on schools and the work place at these three locations

Consultant, Keynote and Workshop Facilitator at Consultant, Keynote and Workshop Facilitator
August 2003 – Present

Present, keynote, and work as a consultant for International Schools and Conferences

Appsevents Trainer and Speaker at Appsevents – Google in Education Summits
August 2011 – Present

Support and provide hands on workshops at Appsevents Professional Development events, focusing on the use of the Google Apps for Education suite of tools. Summit speaker. Present keynote presentations on digital ecosystems and environments.

Chair of the ICT Committee and Committee Members at European Council of International Schools – ECIS
November 2007 – June 2014

Chair of the ECIS ICT Committee. Provide support to the ECIS Executive committee; facilitate workshops at the Teacher and Administrators conferences. Support region wide IT initiatives, provide regular consulting on IT matters to Executive Director and write and manage monthly blog:

Instructor at Endicott College
October 2012 – July 2013
Taught Leadership for Technology in Schools for the Masters in International Education Technology Program.

The course is facilitated on-line.
This course reviews theory and research on leadership, the study of organizational culture, and the principles necessary to support change. In addition, the course lays the foundation for the understanding of effective leadership in allocating human resources, using and developing technology in schools and technology plans and audits. Students examine and develop strategic planning for technology, develop financial plans, and plans for teacher professional development using technology in their classes and schools.

Information Technology Specialist K-5 – 6-8 at The American School of Japan|
July 2000 – June 2005

Coordinated, facilitated and managed the integration of information technology and digital tools supporting the curriculum and learning. Taught Robotics to Grade 4-8 students. Designed and implemented a wireless laptop cart program Grades 4-5. Facilitated Cyber Workshops for School Faculty on a weekly basis. Supported Blackboard implementation school wide. Worked closely with the IT Director and Business Manager on school wide IT initiatives. Designed, implemented and facilitated a Grade 4-8 Electronic Portfolio program using MS Front Page as student learning logs. In collaboration with the ES Librarian designed a WebQuest program to support Information Literacy integration into the core curriculum areas. Implemented a Junior Technician program in the Elementary School. Managed a sectional technician.

K-8 IT Coordinator at Western Academy of Beijing
August 1996 – July 2000

K-8 IT Coordinator, managed, facilitated and coordinated all aspect of IT integration and systems with the curriculum. Taught PreK-8. Designed, implemented, facilitated a Laptop program in both the Elementary and Middle School. Designed and facilitated the Digital Lighthouse Professional Development Program for Faculty. Worked closely with the School Director and Principals on the strategic plan. Supported both faculty and staff with regular Professional Development sessions. Chair of the Beijing International School Y2K Committee. Hosted, organized the Beyond Digital IT Conference in close cooperation with Apple China.

ES IT Coordinator at International School of Tanganyika|August 1994 – July 1996

Ran and managed computer lab, taught Grades K-6, facilitated faculty IT professional development Programs. Developed as part of the IT Team first Internet connection to the school, and implemented an e-mail system. Taught and participated in the CAS “Kindwitwi Village” program. Set up Roots and Shoots program with Elementary Faculty members.

Grade 3 Elementary Teacher at International School of Tanganyika
August 1993 – June 1994

Grade 3 homeroom teacher.
Taught Grade 3 class. Supported and participated in the G11 CAS “Kindwitwi Village” program. Set up Roots and Shoots program with Elementary Faculty members.

Kindergarten and Grade 5 Student Teacher at Santa Monica and Ingelwood Elementary Schools
October 1992 – June 1993

Student Teacher as part of the UCLA Graduate School of Education Program.

Elementary School Teaching Assistant at Gateway School

September 1991 – June 1992

I worked as a teaching assistant and with the after school activity program.

Support Counselor at McAllister Home For Boys County Youth Services

February 1991 – May 1991

I worked as a support counselor monitoring and supporting boys from the California Youth Authorities coming out of Juvenile Prison or Juvenile Hall into McAllister Foster homes.

Cyclist at Bicycle trip through Asia and Eastern Europe

December 1989 – November 1990

My wife Tracy, and I cycled a total of 14,000 Km starting in Japan and then continuing through Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.
 We cycled through these countries, camping or staying in local hostels or with residents.

JET at The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET)

September 1988 – August 1989

Worked with the Municipal Board of Education on English Programs in Chichibu City Middle Schools.

Senior Sales Representative at San Francisco Bay Guardian

September 1986 – August 1988 (

Was in charge of the Advertising Sales for the After Dark Entertainment section of the Bay Guardian.

Account Executive at Warner Communications

September 1984 – August 1986

Account Executive for the Cable Television Networks of Warner Communications working in the Greater

Boston Area, working with the production and sales of cable advertising space.

Production Assistant at Television Suisse Romande

May 1984 – August 1984

Was a production assistant at the Television Suisse Romade.

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