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Podcasts: a conversation with humans

Conversations, sharing, exchanging ideas, debating perspectives, perceptions, and mindsets is an important part of my learning. Below are Podcasts of conversations I have had the privilege to be part with friends and colleagues from my Professional Learning Network and The International Schools Podcast I co-host with Dan Taylor

Teaching Python and coding with kids in schools with Kelly Schuster-Paredes and Sean Tibor

Podcast with Kelly and Sean

I spoke with Kelly Schuster-Paredes and Sean Tibor, computer science teachers and Teaching Python podcast co-hosts. Together Sean and Kelly share their work, teaching, coaching and vision for coding in schools and the approach of engaging young learners with Python coding language.  Juggling their families, work and popular podcast Teaching Python. We explore what is the role of coding in schools, approaches, opportunities and challenges. The mindsets and learning attributes of teaching coding in Middle School.   

Dr. Kristen MacConnell, Director of the Teacher Training Center Programs

Podcast with Kristen

I spoke with Dr. Kristen MacConnell, Director of the Teacher Training Center Programs. Kristen shares her experience pivoting the Teacher Training Center courses, weekend seminars, and institutes to an online format. The learning, opportunities, and pinch points moving 100’s of participants/educators to this new venue and approach.

Dr. Arnie Bieber reflects on a school director’s learning journey in International Schools

Podcast with Arnie

A conversation with Arnie Bieber, Director of the International School of Prague (, on leadership, challenges, wisdom and reflection on being an international school leader of the last 25 years around the globe.

Peter Nicholson – Social impact entrepreneur and co-founder of Baobabooks

Podcast with Peter

An entrepreneur’s journey and passion to get children to be creators of digital content and not consumers of digital content.

Nancy Squicciarni Professional Development pivots online

Podcast with Nancy

Head of Community Relations at the International School of Luxembourg. online teaching and learning events, #ISLLoft  for International Schools worldwide, what does it mean online virtual professional learning and development, the opportunities and creative tensions are explored.

Wellbeing in the time of COVID

Carlos Davidovich and I explore the creative challenges of living during the COVID pandemic and how we each manage the challenges of the pandemic differently. Carlos shares his expertise on Neuro-management on known understandings of how the brain works and how we might consider understanding Wellbeing in this context.

connecting with friend and Dr. Carlos Davidovich Executive & Performance Coach – Neuromanagement Expert – Speaker

SOS Shifting Schools Podcast

Episode 116: Preparing for Virtual Learning

I have had the privileged to join SOS Shifting Schools Podcast hosted by Jeff UtechtEducational Technology Consultant, Author, &Keynote Speaker

Episode 116: Preparing for Virtual Learning with Jeff Utecht and John Mikton

International Schools Podcast

Over the last couple years I have had the privilege of joining Dan Taylor Founder of Appsevents and host of the International Schools podcast for a few conversations with international educators working in digital literacy and digital fluency. These are hosted by Dan Taylor International Schools podcast bi-monthly. Here links to our conversations

Discussing tech and teaching in COVID times: with Dan Taylor & John Mikton,

School closures Europe episode: Live from Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic with Mark Dilworth, John Mikton, Dan Taylor

Setting up Luxembourg Tech School with Sergio Coronado with Dan Taylor, Sergio Coronado founder of ‘Luxembourg Tech School’& John Mikton,

‘Digital Citizenship’ to ‘Digital Fluency’ with Dan Taylor & John Mikton

How to become a ‘Google for Education Certified Trainer with Dan Taylor, Ben Rouse & John Mikton

GDPR for International Schools : with Dan Taylor, Mark Dilworth, & John Mikton

‘Digital Citizenship’ and working in International Schools across the globe with Dan Taylor & John Mikton