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Conversations during the COVID pandemic

August 30, 2020

During the COVID pandemic I have had the privilege to share out with different organizations and education leaders some reflections and learning from my own experiences as a school leader, head of education technology and media, and an educator in international schools. For me I find the process of talking and sharing with other leaders, educators and organizations a learning and becomes a point for reflection. As we all continue to juggle the complexities of a global pandemic, through these reflections and conversations there are new opportunities and creative challenges which I believe has initiated a growing common understanding of the importance of change in education.

With Carlos Davidovich on “Wellbeing in the time of COVID.” In a conversation we explore wellbeing in a time of COVID and how the brain reacts to the creative challenges of wellbeing during a pandemic which we all are juggling in different ways.

Coronavirus Chronicles 017 – International School of Luxembourg a conversation with Scott McLeod

10-minute check-ins with schools during the 2020-21 global pandemic

Our colleagues in international schools around the world learn things every day about how leadership really works. Pearls of Wisdom is one of the PTC’s ways of sharing that learning. Here I had the opportunity to share some learning on digital literacy in the context of education and schools.

A Look Inside Teaching and Learning (during a pandemic) with Kim House and Finaliste:

Finaliste: A Look Inside Teaching and Learning: How to Better Market Your School

International Education Solutions – IES interview with Richard Gaskill Co-Founder and CEO of IES

How To Streamline Virtual School And Communications With Finalsite And Google Guest appearance with Finaliste

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